Our Best Services

Pafindo Track Service (PTS)

Your undercarriage is an expensive investment. It accounts for as much as 20 percent of the price of a new track-type machine. Undercarriage can represent as much as 50 percent of machine maintenance costs. Our goal is to help you keeping your undercarriage operating cost per hour as low as possible. That's why we developed the Pafindo Track Service (PTS).

Our excellent service:

- Have the best training and tools to manage your undercarriage system.
- Regularly inspected and measured the usage of your undercarriage.
- Preparing reports with maintenance and repair alternatives so that you can make early planned decisions to reach the lowest possible cost-per-hour.
- OBTAIN the maximum productivity and maximum undercarriage lifetime at a lower hourly cost.
-Reduce the costs by providing stock and preparing stock on site.
-Reduce excessive downtime and improve the performance of the unit.

While there is no substitute for PTS, you play an important role in Equally managing your undercarriage system. Understanding how your undercarriage works and wears are critical. With the right operation and maintenance you can reduce wear and save money. Together we build a better working relationship and reducing costs.

Undercarriage Rebuilder Workshop

Other than providing stocks and PTS system, PT PAFINDO aslo provides Undercarriage Rebuilder.

We have a workshop facility an area of 1200m2 to perform:

-          Idler Rebuilder with Automatic Machine

-          Shoe Regrouser with Automatic Machine

-          Roller Reshelling

-          Tungsten Tip Bucket

-          Hydraulic Tools until Assembling up to PC2000